Recommended Books

healing_the_riftTitle:Healing the Rift

Author:Leo Kim

In this highly readable book, Dr Leo Kim describes his own journey of discovery with regard to ultimate truth and reality. The loss of two people close to him – one during early life, and another during later life – compelled him to strive for evidence that  there is purpose and meaning to life. Recalling his own experiences as a successful bio-chemist designing drugs for the pharmaceutical industry,  he regularly observed the efficacy of the placebo effect in clinical trials. Relating to recent advances in quantum physics, he suggests that the world of mind is primary to that of the material word. He describes eloquently how new quantum reality supports the insights of ancient mystics, thus bringing the worlds of science and spirituality closer together.

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bridging_science&spiritTitle:Bridging Science and Spirit

Author:Norman Friedman

Normal Friedman does a good job of identifying common themes found within quantum mechanics, the so-called ‘perennial philosophy’ and psychic or paranormal phenomena. In particular, Friedman discusses the quantum mechanical ideas of David Bohm  – wholeness and the implicate order (or the co-called Bohmian mechanics). Although a conventionally trained physicist ( he was a contempory of, and a one time colleague of Albert Einstein) Bohm was heavily influenced by concepts of eastern mysticism. Indeed, his friendship with the Indian sage and philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti  would later form the basis for the well-known series of Bohm-Krishnamurti ‘dialogues‘. Friedmann shows how  the refreshing approach of Bohm can lead to a synthesis of science with the non-material aspects of reality such as consciousness and how, rather than being natural enemies of each other, science and spirituality are converging to a common world view of reality.        

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